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The design and implementation of CellLab will directly benefit from our leadership of Pancreatic β-cell consortium (PBCC) as well as our development of scientific asset management platform Deriva, program IMP for integrative modeling of biomolecular structures and metamodeling of the cell, Protein Data Bank (PDB), and PDB-Dev.

Andrej Sali


Integrative modeling, metamodeling

Ben Webb

Tanmoy Sanyal

Jeremy Tempkin

Dibyendu Mondal

Carl Kesselman

University of Southern California

Information science

Serban Voinea

Kate White

University of Southern California

Biology of the β-cell

Aneesh Deshmukh

Helen Berman

University of Southern California, UCSF, Rutgers University

Outreach, data modeling and management

Alex McDowell

University of Southern California, World Building Institute

Visual arts

Brinda Vallat

Rutgers University

Structural bioinformatics

Agnes Bolinska

University of South Carolina

Philosophy of science, outreach

Jitin Singla

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Computational biology

Liping Sun

ShanghaiTech, iHuman Institute

Computational biology

Chenxi Wang

Jihui Zhao

Angdi Li

Bing Yu

Jingjing Zheng

Weimin Li

Xianni Zhong